HALIOS Watches runs on three principles: 1) offer a quality, well-built watch that you can take into the water; 2) exceed your after-sales support expectations; and 3) strive to design the next watch icon.


I started this company in 2009, wracked with an increasingly all-consuming obsession with watches. HALIOS is the natural progression of a near-lifelong infatuation with these magnificent machines. It began with analog, moved on to digital, then lingered on almost everything imaginable in between. These days, you can see my interests reflected in the current HALIOS lineup: small, water-ready, spirit very much shaped and informed by the sport watches of the '60s.

HALIOS got its start on the online forums dedicated to dive watches, where lively and frank discussion by enthusiasts can readily be found, relatively uncoloured by the gloss of "official" corporate PR messaging. While the hardcore enthusiasts still make up the bulk of the HALIOS customer base, an increasing number is now comprised of first-time watch owners.


Our manufacturing partners are based primarily in Asia, with final QC and testing taking place in Vancouver, Canada. Watch movements are typically sourced from either Japan or Switzerland, depending on market availability and watch model. Production runs are small to ensure timely fulfillment, uncompromising quality control and the flexibility to dedicate resources to producing new designs. 

am very excited to have you discover the watches. Thank you for visiting, and please drop me a line if I can answer any questions. 



Jason Lim, founder and eternal watchaholic