How the heck do you know if you'll get a purchase invite??

  • Multiple users have asked this question in the forum with seemingly no clear answer. I subscribed to Seaforth IV email updates on June 23rd and have received precisely zero emails since then. But I know Jason has posted updates here. Maybe I'm being punished for canceling my Seaforth III pre-order a few years back 😂

  • If selected via the lottery, you'll get an email confirming you were chosen and asked to select what bezel/case material you want. The only draw that has taken place so far is for the pink dial.


  • @Leo G completely agree.  I'm constantly checking my junk mail, just in case I receive a Halios email from Jason for the SF purchase.  @Jason at Halios would love it if you could send everyone who subscribed to the Seaforth email updates an email, just to calm our nerves.  



  • I'm wishing to purchase one of these seaforth how can I get one wether it's pink blue or yellow it doesn't matter ! 

  • @Garry Adams Ok but how do you know if your name has been entered in the "lottery"?

  • @Leo G I subscribed in November 2021 and have never, ever received any email from Halios.  I have been trying for years to buy a Seaforth from this site.  At this point I've resolved myself to the fact that I'm going to have to pay a small fortune on the secondary market, because that seems to be the only way to actually obtain the product.

  • @Brandon Cavalier have you tried emailing him to confirm subscription?

  • @Leo G I would email him to confirm. 

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