How thin wrist can pull this off?

  • Hello everyone,

    A total watch rookie here. So far my only watches were cheapy (but goody) colorful Casios.  But I feel as I age maybe I should get something with more substance, and something which I cant wait to wear.

    I going for durability and color, so decided that my first step in the journey will be a diver with an eye catcher color dial. 
    So, out of the plethora of dive watches, the future SEAFORTH IV is on my shortlist.

    But I have a tiny wrist. circumference is about 15.6 cm (or 6.14 inch), and width is about 48-50 mm. I'm worried about the lug-tol-lug with this one.

    Any fellow thin wristed folks out there who own a previous edition? And how does it look?

    Thanks a bunch!

  • Hi Zoltan,

    I also have a skinny wrist, about the same as yours.  I have a Seaforth V3 and I think it fits about as well as a 40-41mm dive watch can because of the shape of the lugs.  The lugs angle downward and so there is no flare.  I think you can pull this watch off!

    All best,


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