Purchase invites question

  • Hi Jason,

    Will these purchase invites be specific to material, bezel and dial colour or just a general purchase invite. If my preference was a no bezel, blue, ti. I'm better off holding out for general sale versus the invite which sounds like a lottery?

    Eager for the release.


  • Hi Jason, I really like the theory of the lottery approach to the purchase of your watches as it makes it a level playing field for all and is completely random. 

    My question is that how do you know if you are in the draw to begin with? Apart from a email I received when I first signed up to the mailing list, I've had no communication. I assume that I was in the draw for the 100 pink dials but never had it confirmed. Will you be putting something in place to let us know that we are definitely in the draw? 

  • @James Theedom I agree, would love the confirmation! I just emailed to confirm if I'm in the system. Been anxiously waiting since I lucked out with my Universa purchase.

  • Hello Jason, 

    Having recently discovered your brand and loving those dials, the lottery system will hopefully help people like me in a different time zone in Europe and elsewhere. Im assuming there will be some time given if you are lucky to get an invite?

    Anyway look forward to more updates on the watch and the questions posed by the folks above.


  • Glad to see I'm not the only one wondering whether he's in the draw or not. Got an invitation to Halios' Discord server a while ago but since I don't have a Discord account I didn't join immediately, and now the invitation apparently expired (unfamiliar with Discord). But is that really necessary anyway? It's really a bit of a mystery to me how to get these watches...

  • If you've signed up for updates for the new Seaforth at some stage in the past, you'll be in the draw. If you're really worried then I'm sure you can contact Jason directly through the contact form here just to confirm.

  • I can't speak for Jason on the current invite/lottery system but for the pink we could choose any bezel and metal in the same link. It wasn't a specific link per configuration. 

  • Hi how can i sign up for the seaforth 4?  Dont see any sign up form in the website

  • Hi Jason: Hope all is well. Can you please confirm that I'm part of the lottery for the Seaforth. 4? Thank you, Michael

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