SEPTEMBER 12, 2022

  • Cart hold is a lie. At least for Shopify stores it is.

    Shopify (the e-commerce platform that Halios Watches uses) does not offer a workable solution to hold a product in your cart for a set amount of time, so the item can be sniped and taken out of your cart as you're preparing to enter the information to buy one of my watches. This has been one of the biggest frustrations (alongside the "fastest connection wins") expressed by folks wanting to *just* *buy* *a* *goddamn* *Halios*. I can't make a watch for every single person who wants one right away, but I can try to get away from the "drop / floodgates" method of making watches available. For the SFIV, I'll be working off my existing subscription list as well as emails expressing interest and drawing email addresses at random to offer purchase spots.

    The test run of 100 pink dials used this method (alongside a handful [total:8 spots] via Discord) with good results, I think.

    I think we are getting close(r). We got hit with a really strange, no good raw material shortage with the Ti rotating bezel click springs but I think things are more or less on track.

    Best guess would be late September for the purchase invites, then November/ December for delivery.

    Here's a lo-fi shot of the NF Black on a perfect Erika's pairing.


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