Your watchmaker / service centre recommendations - post here

  • I'm always on the lookout for good service partners around the world to offer more local options for Halios owners. If you "know a guy / gal / person" who has done good work on any of your watches (doesn't have to be Halios), please post here.

    Here are a few of my go-to folks for servicing and repairs, both warranty and otherwise:

    • Jack Alexyon / International Watch Works - Cary NC, USA 
    • Nesbit's Fine Watch Service - Seattle WA, USA
    • Watchguy UK - London, UK
    • Robert Fulton / Watch Tech - Brisbane and Sydney, Australia

    Will periodically add to this list so it serves as a resource for folks looking for a good watch servicing shop. At the moment I'm also looking for a solid option for East Coast Canada. Shane Ede in Toronto has helped out in the past but more options are never a bad thing.

  • Hey @Jason at Halios 

    I've had good experiences with Joe Dekermenjian from Jostmar Jewelers in Costa Mesa, CA.  He does the warranty/service work for Serica customers in the US.  I can broker an intro if you'd like.

  • I have had very positive experiences with Tom Doan of D's Time Service in San Diego. He's CW21 certified and has a very favorable reputation in the area as well as online on various forums. Not entirely sure if his work lines up with the servicing model/philosphy that Halios offers, but it could be a solid lead.

    Hope this helps! 

  • @B R perfect, thanks! I'll ping him if I ever have a customer in the area needing assistance.

    @C S Thank you!

  • In Singapore, John Wang / JW  Horological Gallery is my go-to.

  • Anyone know a good service centre in the Netherlands?


  • Al Jensky (Archer Watches - has worked on Halios watches before. He is excellent, however, he is often very busy and has to turn down business. Does anyone know of anyone else in Ontario? 

  • I'd be tempted to give Emily Newsom a try if I was down East (or even if I wasn't)... she's in Halifax


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