MAY 16, 2022

  • Hi all, apologies for the dearth of updates on the SFIV. I do not come bearing good news but it's better than keeping you good folks in the dark.

    We are grappling / mayonnaise-wrestling with delays with the dials and straps. We are all tired of hearing COVID being blamed for everything, so I will just say that the delays are "inexplicable".

    I've scrapped testing on the sapphire dials and will not be offering them in any quantity for the SFIV, instead going with a 15-layer lacquered dial that will provide the depth that I am looking for. 

    The strap folks informed me after 4 months of preparations that lead time is now 6 months from now, so I am making alternate arrangements for the SFIV. So, the planned fitted rubber strap will now be allocated for the SFV (whenever that gets rolling....I can barely manage one series at a time).

    I will try to be more transparent with timelines and updates, but there's currently so much uncertainty that the info I provide may not amount to more than a toot in the wind.


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