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  • Since the announcement of the Seaforth IV, there have been at least 4/5 brands to come out with titanium cases and different colour dials, which includes blue, pink ,green, and yellow! Halios would have been one of the first to release, but Sinn, Rze, Omega, and even some other micro brands and Ali express specials have all taken advantage of these dials that were first announced by Halios , but since have yet to be released!? 

  • Good point! I have also noticed this. Could it be a general fashion thing this year that the suppliers push to the brands? The RZE dial matches the pink dial with a tint of orange that Jason mentioned.

    Anyway, I still believe the Sea4th will look great in any of those colors. The biggest change I look forward too is the different layout of the dial, bezel markers and the bezel shape.

  • New update shared by Jason on the Instagram account halioswatches. Hope to see the other dial variants soon. But this already looks promising. 



  • Yes, I agree! I would love to see some textures or a side profile through the crystal, because I believe the indices are NOT applied if I remember correctly? I'm liking the pink though so far! 

  • @Time Flies By2020 Jleo 


    • Dials! Part III. Quite bored of applied markers, so I'm going for printed lume this time around. Part of the testing is getting some depth out of the print and avoiding a flat, dull look

  • I'm digging the printed indices. The pink + titanium in a sports case to me is seriously perfect. Loved anordain 1 with the pink dial, but it's a bit precious. I can rock my Universa pastel in pretty much any setting and it's more than capable. 

  • They're specifically ceramic globolight indices. So not printed in the sense they're not stamped on. They're closer to applied indices in that sense, similar to the new black bay pro. 

  • @Ben Shaw but to be quite honest.. the markers shown on the pink prototype looks to have less body then the one on the black computer render. Don't you agree?


  • I can't wait to see the Bahama Yellow variations.  

  • @Patrick Hulsbos 

    The pink prototype dial doesn't have the final indices that'll be used





  • @Garry Adams Aha! I'm sorry.. I must have missed that. But that explains everything. 😬

  • @Patrick Hulsbos I have to be honest.  I'm disappointed.  The printed markers make the watch look one dimensional and lower quality.  This is not a small change, but drastic in overall appearance. 

  • @John Phillips bruh "Production dials will have two-level ceramic applied markers" 

  • @John Phillips There was a design change from printed markers to applied ones. Here is what the Globolight ceramic markers being used for the production version look like.

    They are two step applied markers.

  • @Serene @Don Dinh Hey, if he doesn't like it, it's once less person to worry about during checkout day 😁

  • Very interested in Olive Drab Green 😀 

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