• I was lucky enough to get a Universa 2nd hand and I'm really fond of it. The only thing that really bothers me is winding. It's really stiff and uncomfortable - and the crown, while very pretty, does the rest. As a comparison, I have only my Speedmaster and my GS, but I can not imagine that this belongs so. Does anyone have similar experiences with the manual winding? Would a service at the watchmaker help? If nothing can be done about it, I'm almost tempted to sell it again and try my luck next year with the automatic version.

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  • Butter smooth winding on mine.

  • @Florian Neuroth it got much smoother with time and regular use. Same experience on both of my Uni's. 
    Not butter smooth but okay.

  • Can't complain about my winding I have a 17 jewel hand cranked omega and the Uni is just as smooth and actually much better experience because of the size of crown! I absolutely without any bias adore my Universa! Sad to hear that it will be screw down and Auto! 

  • When I first got my Universa, the winding was shockingly stiff. Combined with the sharp crown that digs into your fingers (especially when it is almost fully wound) the experience was quite uncomfortable. Now, after one month of daily winding, it is noticeably smoother and I'm sure it will get even better with more time. I'm really glad I got the manual version, the somewhat sharp crown is not a deal-breaker for me.

  • Thanks for your replies. I'll give it another month and hope that it gets smoother. 

  • I found it overly stiff as well. But if I pull out the crown and push it back in a couple of times before winding, it solves the problem. Also, I'm finding that this watch is the most accurate watch I've ever owned. Has anyone else noticed how it doesn't lose or gain over days?

  • @David Binder yeah, they're very well regulated - mine runs at -1 sec/day

  • @David Binder Yes! On-wrist mine loses practically no time, maybe half a second per day. I thought I just got lucky, but glad to hear I'm not the only one! This watch is very impressive.

  • @Florian Neuroth I had the same issue and actually asked Roldorf's watchmaker, Kino. I also noticed that the crown + stem would move backwards and sent him a video. He said totally normal and I got the impression that with time the "issues" would improve 

  • @G B I don't have the Unversa yet but I am eager to get one. I was really looking forward to the manual winding option myself. I think the new release will be automatic only. 

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