• @David said:

    Let's goooo!

    My thoughts:

    • SW300 welcomed changed, would happily pay the increase in price for the better and thinner movement. Will the case thickness decrease as a result too?
    • universa switch to auto - definitely welcomed. I thought the crown shape and stiff winding was the weakest part of this model
    • pastel blue fw please!
    • pastel blue uni again please!

    My questions would be, still both no dates? Temporary preorder window for the initial batch?

    @Chris Parsons said:

    Sounds great! Will the final thickness of both watches remain the same or will it change to accomodate the different thickness of the sw300?


  • Sorry guys! Moved your posts to this section as I had forgotten to make the sticky post read-only. 

    @David thanks for the pastel votes...noted! Yes, both will be no-date models for Series II. Most likely a pre-order, but not until they're almost ready to ship.

    @Chris Parsons Yes, we'll be able to keep the Universa the same thickness at 11mm. Fairwind changes TBA but we can most likely cut down on the thickness a little.  

  • Thanks for the update, Jason. Sounds like promising revisions.

    In the recent Seaforth sticky update, you mentioned "leaning hard on a no-fuss-no-muss black dial as I miss having a dial that goes with any strap". 

    Casting my vote for a crisp black Fairwind as well. Thanks. 

  • Can you provide some more information on the changes you are making to the bottom of the lugs?  I find the sharp underside of the lug tips uncomfortable when I wear the Universa on a two-piece strap.

  • Can I wish for a signal orange (or something similar to the sun) for the Fairwind and/or Uni?

    Very nice to hear that the thickness can be kept on the Uni and maybe be reduced for the Fairwind.

    Also a fan of the pastel blue versions, so go for it :)

  • I'm glad I have the manual wind and non screw down crown, there's something special about waking up and winding your watch and wearing it for the day! Old school, love it. All my other watches are wcrew down and they are auto's! Sw300 is a much better movement for sure and am excited to see what colours come out for the fairwind! 

  • Wow just saw the Universa is going Auto, whilst I understand, I love the charm of the manual and glad I have one.

  • I would love to see some bright colors.  

  • Love the thought of a pre-order.  I was one of the unlucky folks scampering for a Series I last summer at 2am, and had no luck on either release batch...

    Also second the ask for a no-fuss-no-muss black dial as well!

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