Seaforth GMT reissue?

  • I understand that this question comes right before the launch of the SFIV, which will be a no date complication, but I've fell in love with the Seaforth GMT! To me the Seaforth is your masterpiece so far and the GMT is so special. The GMT hour hand brings something unique with a different shape and color, while the GMT hour markers are so discrete yet legible. I just love it, so I'm curious if we could ever see a reissue of the SF GMT, and could it be in the near future?

    All the best for the launch of the SFIV!

    Look at this beauty:

    Source: Hodinkee

    Photo credit: Hodinkee

  • @David B. Hello David! Sorry for missing your post. I am currently working on a GMT but it won't be with the ETA 2893 / SW330. They're mighty fine movements but have some quirks that I can't abide. 

  • @Jason at Halios Waiting patiently for a Halios GMT!

  • @Jason at Halios Thanks for the reply/update on a future gmt. It would certainly be exciting to see a Halios gmt be available again. 

  • Thanks for the reply. I'm looking forward to the new GMT (and the quartz, on another thread...).

    The design elements I love the most about the Seaforth GMT are the subtle (in dial) 24 hours markers and the GMT hand design. You managed to keep super good readability on both the current time + date, and the GMT time. The GMT arrow hand has so much presence and constrast, it adds a lot to the watch. I've not done a super deep market comparison but I have yet to see a better design on GMT...

  • @David B. Where can I find the quartz thread you referred to?

    And I'm fired up that another Seaforth GMT is in development!

  • @B R in the "upcoming" section of this forum. Direct link here

  • David thanks for starting this thread, really looking forward to, and holding out for, a GMT reissue!

  • Yes, please! GMT! Although @Jason at Halios didn't say it would be a SF...

  • I am so smitten with the GMT configuration pictured. Ive scoured the web for secondary sales, but they are clearly prized possesions. One day she will be mine.

  • The Seaforth GMT is a beauty! Such an amazingly balanced watch... classy and refined, yet versatile and looks like it could go with (almost) anything. It really hits a sweet spot. Would love to see another issue of these!

  • @Jason at Halios any rough timeline for the GMT? Hopefully in 2022! Can you say if it'll be a SF? Thanks.

  • Hey there, 

    just as all of you I fell in love with the GMT and I fell hard and for months I've been trying to get my hands on one of these timepieces. I just wanted to ask if a reissue  could be happening in 2022!? 
    Thanks a lot :)


  • Hi There. New to the world of Halios so apologies for resurecting an older thread. 

    I'd love to see the Seaforth GMT return. Most GMTs with a GMT hand and a 24 hour bezel leave me cold. There are times when I want to keep track of another timezone (with the GMT hand) but very rarely do I need to keep track of three timezones simultaneously with the dial, the GMT hand and an offset bezel. I'd much rather have a GMT hand and retain the functionality of a uni-directional dive-time bezel. The Seaforth GMT was one of very few watches with this feature. I'd love to see it make a comeback.

  • Would like to +1 on the reissue of the Seaforth GMT. I've scoured everywhere looking for a GMT that I actually like and have consistently landed back on the Seaforth. Both the one pictured above and the 24hr bezel are beautiful pieces that have their own mojo. You'll have at least 2 per-sales from me!!!

  • Oh shoot, just found this thread. Popping in to give another +1 for a GMT reissue. Saw one in the wild the other day and holy moly does it look even better in the flesh (steel?) than in photos. The ability to track a second timezone without losing the slightly dressy, very sporty GADA form of the fixie bezel...absolute perfection.

  • YES, a Seaforth GMT!

  • I´m in for a GMT Pastel blue with date.

  • Hi all!  Was looking into microbrands and came across this gem. Am also looking to get a GMT in the future. Was the previous GMT a traveler's GMT, and is the future one likely to be a traveler's as well? 


  • I would totally buy a GMT if you make one Jason!

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