NOV 17, 2021

  • Still very early days, but the movements have been ordered and production on all components gets underway this week. You can expect Series II to remain largely the same as the first series, with the following exceptions:

    • switch to the Sellita SW300 for the Fairwind
    • switch to the Sellita SW300 plus the addition of a screwdown crown for the Universa (i.e. no longer manual wind)
    • new dial colours for the Fairwind (neither colour from Series I will be returning)
    • new dial colours for the Universa (pastel blue may return, depending on what The People want)
    • very slight change to the underside of the lugs (you probably won't notice it if I don't point it out)
    • pricing will increase as a result of the movement change. My personal preference is for the SW300 from ownership, technical and servicing standpoints, but...the upgrade from the SW200 will be reflected in the price


    Release date: mid Q2, perhaps?


    Friend Proxy Jason

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