Ti vs. SS

  • Now that we have more information from Jason and the product page has been opened up for the SFIV I'm super excited that we're getting close to being able to order.

    Question for the forum - which one are you interested in, titanium or stainless steel and why?

  • Just got to get one of each! It's a must! Lol

  • @David  good question, personally I prefer a "heavier" watch so stainless steel satisfies that. 

  • @Daniele Bruzzese same me too. Although I'm not as risk averse as some who really don't like titanium for that reason. I've had some titanium watches in the past. I think it's a cool material to use. I'm 99% certain I'm going SS since I'm probably going to get an aftermarket bracelet and Jason confirmed there won't be and OEM one.  I'd rather have some tonal and material consistency with a SS aftermarket bracelet. 

  • @David I suspect I'd prefer stainless steel due to weight and color, but I'm not yet decided.  You raise a good point regarding aftermarket bracelets.  Any idea which ones would work well with the SF?  Any particular brands or styles you're considering - or know would fit?  I'm leaning toward a mesh or BoR look but not sure if anything with solid end links would work.

  • @Ethan Z Hi Ethan, I use a Ginault bracelet on my gen II Seaforth. Likely one of the best options for the Seaforth out there, although not inexpensive. Assuming the new Seaforth keeps the exact dimensions as previous generations, I would assume the Ginault will easily fit.

  • Same. I used a ginault when I had a Seaforth in the past. Liked it but yeah it wasn't cheap. If it fits the IV I'd get it again though, I really liked the glide lock on it. 

  • @Daniele Bruzzese @David Thanks guys!

  • Thank you for your feedback - but also wanted to thank you for your photos on the other page.  They look great!  It actually motivated me to post a pic of my own ;-).  The pastel blue is a great color IMO - though I don't know what it'll look like if he prints the indices on the dial instead of using applied indices.  Will they have the black surrounds?  That's one of the reasons I think the pastel blue (and my orange SF) work so well ...

  • I'm a little conflicted as I do like the option of buying a bracelet. But I currently have an SFB and a couple of Universas in SS so I am leaning towards Ti to round out the group.

  • Titanium or stainless I don't care! This will be fun to see what and how they are built and look in the end, I believe geckota makes a beads of rice but you have to buy the submariner end links and it works, only if the case shape remains the same. 

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