NOV 10, 2021

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    The SFIV (SeaFourth) story so far, as of November 10:

    • general info page is now live on the main website
    • ordering won't open until January at the earliest as I don't want to be sitting on your cash for an extended period of time. Sign up for notifications and fuhgeddabout stalking the page daily
    • Series IV will be half the number of watches produced for Series III, primarily because of the big fat capital outlay required to purchase movements (there are four other projects on the go, all requiring cash). The number of watches available in Series IV will still be in the thousands (not hundreds)
    • I think this quantity will let us safely open up a short pre-order without a sellout in minutes
    • Ti and steel will be priced the same (the cost difference to me was negligible)
    • SFIV will be spread across SS and Ti cases, with a choice of sapphire 12-hour, sapphire diver and fixed bezel options. Unfortunately I won't be offering spare bezels for sale or mix-and-match / custom configs
    • The rotating bezel will be unidirectional. Imperfect execution for the 12-hour bezel but a bi-directional would've either: a) added 1.5mm in thickness to the mid-case; or b) required that we throw out all the work put into the SF over three iterations and start over the case engineering from scratch 
    • Dials! Pastel Blue and Bahama Yellow for certain. Currently leaning hard on a no-fuss-no-muss black dial as I miss having a dial that goes with any strap. Also testing a pink but it'll be done in a pretty small quantity if it goes ahead. A couple of Roldorf-specific variants are also in the works but again, small quantities
    • Dials! Part II. The 1.5 year plus testing and colour-picking phase is due to a new (to me) dial material I'd like to use for the SFIV. Getting close so I hope to have more info soon 
    • Dials! Part III. Quite bored of applied markers, so I'm going for printed lume this time around. Part of the testing is getting some depth out of the print and avoiding a flat, dull look
    • Straps: rubber for sure, velcro being tested. Sorry no bracelet!


    You can post your thoughts in the Seaforth thread below. Thank you!

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