I finally understand the hype

  • Just got my hands on a blue fairwind (second hand) and I now understand why these have been so popular. The build quality definitely exceeds the msrp (which is what I fortunately paid) in my opinion. I've bought more expensive watches from other micro brands that don't feel nearly as good. My only regret is that I didn't buy it direct from Jason to put more money in his pocket (perhaps with the seaforth). 

  • @Ben Shaw the build quality on Halios' are fantastic. I was at a Tudor dealer yesterday and the salesman asked to see my watch (pastel Seaforth II) and he was amazed at the build quality from a microbrand. He also was impressed with the dial colour, which immediately caught his eye when I walked in.

  • @Daniele Bruzzese same here, I constantly have to hand out my pastel Universa to store people. I do it gladly in order to spread the word :)

  • @Mats L @Daniele Bruzzese Similar situation here. I was looking at Omegas and Grand Seikos two weeks ago and the dealers had lots of questions about my blue Fairwind. One had heard good things about Halios but had never handled one. Another dealer hadn't heard of the brand but became a quick convert after trying mine on. I should probably stop spreading the good word, as I am making it more difficult to pick up one of the new Seaforths coming in the new year!  

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