Next drop?

  • Any word on the next universa drop? I signed up on the email list with two different emails over a month ago and I still haven't gotten anything so I'm wondering if I'm just not patient enough or I missed the email somehow. 

  • I think Series I is complete now. Last drop was Sept 23rd. Series II due sometime in Q2 2022! Seaforth up next I believe. Maybe a small batch of grey Fairwinds. 

  • @Christian Mathews-Gagné wow that's a bummer. Can anyone else confirm this? 

    Also, does anyone know how to actually get on the email list? Does it have a cap or something? Because from what I can tell I've been signed up for the past two drops and didn't see any emails, in my trash or otherwise. 

  • I cannot even find where to sign up to the mailing list. That may be my failure, of course.

  • @Conlan Fenerty @Benjamin Vis hi guys - sorry for the confusion but we are still many months away from completion of the next series. The mailing list hasn't been opened up yet.

  • Thanks for posting. Just saw a Universa in the wild today and learned about the watch from a friend. I'm looking forward to the mailing list!

  • Almost June now :). Any update on when the new Universa will drop?


  • Yeah, I second that. I would like to know, at the very least, what the new dial colors will be. I'd assume that those would have been decided by now. 

  • So, the planned fitted rubber strap will now be allocated for the SFV (whenever that gets rolling....I can barely manage one series at a time).

    Judging from the Seaforth V update from the 16th of May, I wouldn't be expecting any updates on the Universa soon. 

  • @Maurice Unfortunately I think that you are right 😭😭😭 

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