Next drop?

  • Any word on the next universa drop? I signed up on the email list with two different emails over a month ago and I still haven't gotten anything so I'm wondering if I'm just not patient enough or I missed the email somehow. 

  • I think Series I is complete now. Last drop was Sept 23rd. Series II due sometime in Q2 2022! Seaforth up next I believe. Maybe a small batch of grey Fairwinds. 

  • @Christian Mathews-Gagné wow that's a bummer. Can anyone else confirm this? 

    Also, does anyone know how to actually get on the email list? Does it have a cap or something? Because from what I can tell I've been signed up for the past two drops and didn't see any emails, in my trash or otherwise. 

  • I cannot even find where to sign up to the mailing list. That may be my failure, of course.

  • @Conlan Fenerty @Benjamin Vis hi guys - sorry for the confusion but we are still many months away from completion of the next series. The mailing list hasn't been opened up yet.

  • Thanks for posting. Just saw a Universa in the wild today and learned about the watch from a friend. I'm looking forward to the mailing list!

  • Almost June now :). Any update on when the new Universa will drop?


  • Yeah, I second that. I would like to know, at the very least, what the new dial colors will be. I'd assume that those would have been decided by now. 

  • So, the planned fitted rubber strap will now be allocated for the SFV (whenever that gets rolling....I can barely manage one series at a time).

    Judging from the Seaforth V update from the 16th of May, I wouldn't be expecting any updates on the Universa soon. 

  • @Maurice Unfortunately I think that you are right 😭😭😭 

  • @Jason at Halios what is the status on the Universa Series II? Is it still planned for late 2022 in parallel to the Seaforth IV or will it come after the Seaforth?

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