Bezel Options for Seaforth IV

  • I was wondering what the different bezel options might be for the upcoming Seaforth series IV?  I realize in the past there have been steel diver bezel, no bezel, ceramic (I think), and saphire bezel options on different Halios watches and was wondering what options we could expect for this run.


    Personally, I'd love to see a color-matching saphire or aluminum bezel option, as I really like the color matching on the Fairwind... but that's just me.  Also, this question might exist somewhere else on the forum, haven't had a chance to go through all the new posts as of late.  

  • @Jason Chinuntdet Hi, it's been mentioned in the thread linked below that there will be an option for either a fixed, smooth, bare metal bezel or a unidirectional rotating bezel with sapphire insert.

  • @yinzburgher Thanks!  I suppose this thread is rather superfluous now.  Appreciate you connecting me with that link!  Very excited to spec out a seaforth!

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