Fairwind GMT

  • I think a Fairwind GMT has the potential to be just killer — especially if there were options for a bi-color sapphire bezel.

  • I second that!

  • Thirded!

  • @Johnny Brayson @JJ Ram @Matt Raffan I do love the idea but I do not love the "affordable" movement options available. Currently working on a GMT project but it'll be placed firmly outside the price point I usually occupy....

  • @Jason at Halios I look forward to see the result of that project. Is it enough to express interest here, will they be on the site?

    I have been eyeing the old SF GMT's with a dive bezel and it is the most practical combination of these complications out there. It is one of the best 3-in-1 watches I have seen, that looks good.

    A Fairwind GMT in a limited run with a more expensive option would probably sell. Have a look at what Nivada Grenchen is doing in addition to their standard offerings. They do special LE's with NOS movements etc...and the cool jellyfish diver, but thats another subject.

  • @Jason at Halios awesome, can't wait to see what you cook up!

  • @Jason at Halios so this or really any sort of "luxury" option is my ultimate wish. That may be polarizing for a rabid fan base, but I'd love to see the marrying of your design chops and some serious manufacturing. The quality and price points are already leagues above what I'd expect ... but I continue to dream of more!

  • @Jason at Halios Not to hijack this thread, but I'd love your thoughts on what price point you'd need to put out watches that are absolutely on par quality wise with Sub, Explorer etc without in house movements, made in Switzerland etc baggage. I think a "premium" line would be really popular:)

  • @Jason at Halios I'd wager you'd have plenty of interest at a higher price point... as evidenced by what people pay for your watches on the secondary market. 

  • @Doug Peter In Rolex, I see a company that is setting the bar for modern luxury watch industrial production. I'm not debating which hands look better under macro, or that they're better than GS, or whether sapphire is better than hardlex - I'm simply stating that the watchmaker-engineers (the warrior-poet's close cousin, yes) at Rolex are constantly writing and rewriting the Grand Grimoire on how to mass-produce a luxury watch. So short answer: I will never catch Rolex, even if I had a million dollars to sink into developing a watch. 

    But if the question was "what would it cost to make a watch that I'd be completely happy with, without making any compromises?", I'd guess USD3k in pure cost would do it. 

  • A limited edition JL Halios for less than 5k would be great.  Where do I place my deposit!!! 

  • @Jason at Halios Any chance your GMT project would feature an independent hour hand rather than a "caller" GMT?

  • I've been in the market for a GMT and would love to see one from you.  A simple/unique take would be awsome.

    My Tropik B  has been a daily since day one and always gets compliments.  Tropik B

  • @Jason at Halios Hi Jason!  Just curious if there was any updates on the GMT project?  Can we maybe expect it in 2023, 2024?  Is it an office vs travellers GMT? 2x, 3x, 4x previous price points?

    Thanks and looking forward to see what the future holds!!

  • @Nick C +1 

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