Fairwind GMT

  • I think a Fairwind GMT has the potential to be just killer — especially if there were options for a bi-color sapphire bezel.

  • I second that!

  • Thirded!

  • @Johnny Brayson @JJ Ram @Matt Raffan I do love the idea but I do not love the "affordable" movement options available. Currently working on a GMT project but it'll be placed firmly outside the price point I usually occupy....

  • @Jason at Halios I look forward to see the result of that project. Is it enough to express interest here, will they be on the site?

    I have been eyeing the old SF GMT's with a dive bezel and it is the most practical combination of these complications out there. It is one of the best 3-in-1 watches I have seen, that looks good.

    A Fairwind GMT in a limited run with a more expensive option would probably sell. Have a look at what Nivada Grenchen is doing in addition to their standard offerings. They do special LE's with NOS movements etc...and the cool jellyfish diver, but thats another subject.

  • @Jason at Halios awesome, can't wait to see what you cook up!

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