Lume dial

  • Any fans? 73% convinced that this should be dial #3. 

  • Not for me, but I guess there are enough other that will be interested. 

    I have not seen so much interested lume dials and for me they are to flashy in the nights.

  • @Jason at Halios lume dial sounds cool but I personally like the colors that you pick like the pastel blue. Any hints on the 4th color way :3

  • Not on a Seaforth

  • No, thank you. 

  • Not on the seaforth, it would be too tacky!! I'm okay with strong Lume on the indices and more traditional method 

  • Ooofffff that's a no from me. I always thought lumed dials cheapened the product, but that's just my $0.02.

  • Not for me.

  • I haven't seen one, but prefer strong Lume on the indices.

  • Not for me 

  • Are you planning on having applied indices or printing the indices?

    Personally I would have consider it if I didn't already buy a Hemel with a full Lume. 

  • @Jason at Halios No thanks. I think that full lume would take away from an otherwise incredibly balanced watch. 

  • It will depend on the execution. If it is well done, contrasting lume on the indexes (BGW9 vs. C3, for example), black coated hands and no date, that would be a yes then.

  • i dont think it fits the design language of Halios

  • @Jason at Halios I am curious!  What lume would you use for the dial, C3?  I can see it with the black indices and hands.  Do you have any prototypes?  I guess maybe I trust your judgement in design.  73% sounds pretty convinced.


  • I don't think I would like it. Too gimmicky and unnecessary.

    I'm hoping for something special like sunburst purple.

    On the "colors" thread, someone posted a prototype pic of the purple

    that looked pretty awesome, and I think/know will be well received! Please do purple.

  • My thoughts... lume dial might distract from the simple design of the Halios! @Jason at Halios when you would start pre order? Hoping to land one (it would be my first Halios) :) cheers 

  • Absolutely. I'll buy one. I'd love to see a BGW9 dial with C3 hands and indices and black metal surrounds. Extra points for lumed bezel markings. I think a whole lot of people will change their minds once they see a handsome and versatile white dial Seaforth that also just happens to employ a cool party trick when the lights dim. Get a good prototype image out there on social media and forums, and I'm fairly certain the number of potential buyers will reach critical mass.




    One example. By day, this full lume dial just looks white. I think a white dial could look awesome on a Seaforth, whether the bezel is steel or sapphire.


  • I'll take a regular dial please!

  • Great feedback folks! Based on the replies, it doesn't sound like a lume dial would be popular. Maybe a very small test run of only a few pieces then! 

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