AR Coating

  • I was wondering if anyone knows whether the AR coating is applied only to the underside of the Fairwind crystal or also to the top. I have noticed a few small scratches on my crystal but I can't remember doing anything that could cause a scratch to a sapphire crystal, so I'm guessing I scratched the AR coating.

  • @Alexios Eleftheriou heya! The marks were on the surface of your crystal (the AR coating is on the underside only anyway). Sapphire is hard to scratch but it is not scratch-proof and can get marked. There were also some curious marks on your caseback, almost as if your watch got clamped in something. But as I mentioned in my email, you know where to find me when it's time for a new crystal!

  •  @Jason at Halios Thanks for the reply. I'll definitely let you know when it's time!

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