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  • @Jason at Halios hypothetically if somebody made an end link for the Seaforth to be compatable with the Fairwind/Universa bracelet, would you consider selling those bracelets separately?

    Also, do you have any third party bracelet recommendations for the SF? I've seen so many conflicting accounts of Ginault and Baltic bracelets fitting the Seaforth.

  • I'm in the same boat, I couldn't even find or source a Ginault bracelet I was looking for one for the seaforth I don't have yet!! Lol 

  • @Beans & Bezels unlikely as it's a bit of a complicated situation (compounded by the fact that I never intended to produce a Seaforth bracelet). Very briefly:

    • Series I / II / III cases will be slightly different from Series IV cases so you'd need to produce 2 sets of endlinks
    • the Fairwind bracelet design is a poor match (aesthetically) for the case design of the Seaforth

    I've seen a Ginault on a Seaforth and it's a fantastic bracelet, quality-wise. The fit is decent enough but does not sit flush against the case. It still looks third party because of the dissimilar surfaces. My Baltic bracelet fits flush against the Series I / II / III cases but suffers from the same aftermarket look as with the Ginault.

    Sorry brotha...

  • Thanks @Jason at Halios I'll give the Baltic bracelet a shot on my Series II, and just suck it up when I get a Series IV 😂

  • @Jason at Halios Will the lug width stay at 20mm with the new case for Series IV?

  • Is there a redesign to the series IV case because you're making a bracelet to match it?! 👀

    One can only dream lol

  • Hey @Jason at Halios out of curiosity, is there any reason that you never intended to and haven't produced a bracelet for the seaforth? You've shown that you have the ability to produce one of high quality and I'm sure you're aware of how much demand there is for one.

  • @Jeremy Beresford In the past Jason mentioned the Seaforth was always intended to be worn on a strap. It's always nice to have the bracelet option, and there are a few aftermarket bracelets that work well. I have a hadley roma that scratches the itch. But honestly its most comfortable worn on my Maratac single pass nylon. 

  • I know curved end-link is all the rage but has anyone tried the Forstner Rivet on the Seaforth yet?

  • @Drew Harrie Would you mind sharing details of the hadley roma bracelet you've used on your SF?  I've thought of getting a bracelet for my SF but I haven't yet taken the plunge.  Thanks!

  • @Jason at Halios 

    • Series I / II / III cases will be slightly different from Series IV cases so you'd need to produce 2 sets of endlinks

    I own a Ginault and use it regularly on my Series I. I'd love to use it with the Series IV. Will it, or the Baltic fit the Series IV? 

  • @Steph S unfortunately it's not a great fit on the Baltic BoR (see pic below). I don't own a Ginault so I can't test that.

    (I will be offering four (4!) free lug holes with every Seaforth IV purchase! Sapphire insert shown below is from Series I / II / III and will be slightly different for the SFIV)

  • @Jason at Halios Thanks for the pic. I'd expect the Ginault to fit at least as poorly. The case/bezel/crown on this one is great so nice update overall. But it's really too bad about the bracelet compatibilty.

  • @Jason at Halios looks like the bezel grip, crown, and drilled lug holes are updated for the series IV.

  • poorly fit with the BOR baltic, expect same result with the Ginault, looks like the lug is abit longer :(

    Nah....I dont want to looking for another bracelet :(

  • Anyone try a Seiko Alpinist bracelet on a Seaforth? Or the Strapcode version of the Alpinist bracelet?

    Since the Ginault bracelet is still out of stock any other recommendations for a third party solution?

  • I thought the Ginault bracelet fit the Series 3 very well. 

  • Beads of rice on Series 3, hollow end link ended up fitting pretty good too.

  • @David  I'm sure I tried, but couldn't get it to fit. 

  • @Darren Cole thanks. Yeah I gave the strapcode Alpinist a try and didn't quite like the fit. Will probably go with the ginault but it's out of stock on their site.  Btw I recognize your IG, awesome pics!

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