Another Series I Batch?

  • Will there be one more batch for series I?

  • I am also interested to know this as I still fancy a Bathyl Blue steel diver. :)

    I hope there will be one more batch!

  • @David hiya! Yes, there will be another batch but most likely only grey dials.

  • @Jason at Halios thanks for the reply and glad to hear there is a new batch coming. Shame that the Bathyl Blue dials might not be around for the next batch :( 

    I have the grey dial and love it, but keen to add a Bathyl Blue to the collection!

    I'm going to hold out hope the Bathyl Blue might make a reappearance with the steel bezel :D

    Thanks for the great watches

  • @Jason at Halios Is there a projected date for the last batch 1 and the first batch 2? 

  • I also am interested. Why you don't want to include the Bathy Blue to the next Batch?

  • @Ben Shaw Series I is more or less done - I may be able to build one in a couple of weeks if it's a grey you're interested in (shoot me an email).

    We'll begin production on the Series II cases next month, but I haven't placed an order for the movements yet. I'll have a better timeline once that happens.

  • @Thierry RAHARY RAHARY It's just a burning desire to do something new and (hopefully) cooler for Series II - keeps me excited and inspired!

  • @Jason at Halios 


    oh the cases are different as well? I was under the impression series 2 would differ only by dial color. That's interesting. Let me mull it over a few days before I shoot you an email. 

  • @Ben Shaw same cases, just different sapphire inserts and dials. Hands will also remain the same.

  • @Jason at Halios Can we hope it's unidirectional for diver bezel? 

  • @Jason at Halios is the end of the first batch of grey Fairwinds still coming, or did I miss out already?

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