• It's what I've got on my mind. Any thoughts?

  • @Jason at Halios you could bring back the Puck as a HAQ offering. Kind of like your version of the Tuna. I'd personally prefer one a little smaller than prior models, maybe a 44mm. If it's quartz, it could be quite water resistant without sacrificing much in thickness

  • What kind of Quartz movement are we talking? I think the world is ready for a Halios HAQ.

  • HAQ in a case similar to Universa but thinner with a screw down crown.  Pastel colors with different indices from current lineup.  😀

  • A quartz Delfin?

  • @Beans & Bezels @Arthur Valdoz yes, HAQ will be one of the variants - it's the ETA 955.652. Just in the case prototyping stage at the moment. 

    Also looking at doing a second variant to piggyback on the HAQ platform, but with a more "regular" quartz movement (but still Precidrive) and materials like aluminium and polymers. 

  • @Jason at Halios the 955.652 is neat! I'm excited 😎

    Would be interesting to see if you could make a case out of super magnesium?

  • I'll be watching this with interest. High-quality quartz is a segment not many micros dabble in.

  • I second the Puck idea. I regretfully sold mine years ago in a silly collection downsizing. I would much rather have a Puck over a Tuna

  • HAQ Delfin would be really sweet. Delfin is sorely missed by some (me)

  • @Jason at Halios very excited about an aluminium and polymers precidrive quartz! Can you tell us a little more?

  • First of all, I am very excited to see that you guys will be making a HAQ watch. I agree with several previous posts that HAQ Puck will be amazing, or maybe a skin diver 40-42mm thin case, 200 meters water resistance, with domed sapphire crystal, retro style dial without date, triangular markers at 12, 3, 6, and 9. 
    Anyway, looking forward to this upcoming Halios quartz watches! Thank you!!!

  • I am also very excited about a Halios HAQ watch! My personal preference is an everyday sports watch, 38-40mm, with no date and fixed bezel. 

    To throw out some design ideas that come first to mind, how about:

    • Tuxedo dial, like the vintage Le Jour Swank or Tudor Oyster Prince Tuxedo?
    • For a quartz-crisis period inspiration, the stepped case and dial designs of the JLC Master-Quartz?
    • A variation of the Seaforth case?

    Thanks for championing well-designed quartz watches! Where can I sign-up for the email newsletter to get updates? 


  • @Michael Nhieu Thank you for your post 100% agree with no-date, fixed bezel sounds interesting! I really like the last picture with brown-grey JLC Master-Quartz!!!

    Here is another idea, if there is no date maybe a crown can be located at 12 or 6, similar to ZRC. 

  • I am definitely interested HAQ, either in existing designs or new ones.  When I think of quartz, I appreciate the possibility of thinner case designs.

  • Yes, I'm excited by the idea of Halios venturing into quartz. Smooth sweeping seconds hand through a meca-quartz movement (or at least small seconds to minimize the issue), slim case profile, bring back the colorful Seaforth dials of the past. I like my Casio and Timex quartz watches, but it would be wonderful to have you develop a high-quality quartz line as another tier.

  • One more comment on quartz: dates are useful, especially big dates, even days of the week as well. I have a Nodus Field Pilot with a wonderfully done day function just above a red number date wheel at 6 (I also love the red number date wheel on my Glycine Airman DC-4 GMT, because it adds a pop of color to the matte black dial). I know that no-date watches are de rigueur for watch people, but as one of the minority of those watch people who are 65+ I can attest that dates are very useful. And perfect for a quartz watch, for pick-up-and-go.

  • @Gary Kitahata I like a well-done date at 6.  Its extremely useful, and it helps me keep my phone in my pocket.

  • I would love a quartz Halios. My dream quartz is a two hander that is ultra thin with 100-150m water resistance on a bracelet, non solar. Non solar so you can do your magic on the dial with no restrictions!

  • A +-10 sec / year Halios would be spectacular. Maybe a 2 or 3 hander version of the Grand Seiko SBGV245, the beige grey dial is stunning 

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