• By Jason

Hello folks! Update time:

If you have already placed an order for a Fairwind: expect to receive it roughly 2 weeks after your order date.

If you are waiting to place an order for a Fairwind, and have already sent an email: I will send you a link to purchase as soon as I work through all existing orders.

If you are waiting to place an order for a Fairwind, but have not sent an email: please get in touch via the contact form or a direct email

Please note that the Slate Grey dial variant with either sapphire bezel is now sold out for Series I. Unsure whether it'll return for Series II - I like to move on to new variants, but may bring it back if people can't bear to live without it.

If you are interested in ordering the Universa: our expert 4-person strike force  in Vancouver is getting ready to build them. I think a sound plan is to make them available in batches of 50 at a time. Notifications will go out to folks who signed up for alerts. Hoping to be able to rough up some sort of release timetable, but I need to keep timelines fluid due to the fact that these are being hand-assembled.

Hope you are taking care of yourselves and your loved ones. 

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