Update on upcoming models

  • By Jason

A collection of pertinent information on the upcoming Universa, Fairwind and Seaforth B:


How do I order?

All three models are currently in production, so ordering is not open yet. Production is expected to complete in 3 months or so. You can sign up for the model of your choice at the bottom of its page (on the left sidebar: Watches > select the watch model). Sign-ups are still open, and will remain open until 3 or 4 weeks before we complete production. 

When you sign up, you will not receive a confirmation email, but you will see a line of text above the form itself confirming that you're in. Feel free to email me to check if you're successfully subscribed (or, you can try signing up again if you're unsure - you will see a message that says you're already on the list). As we get closer to release, I will send out an initial email to confirm that you'd like to remain on the lists for the respective watches.

Based on the current subscription numbers, it looks like we will be moving to a "lottery" draw for guaranteed purchase slots. Folks who do not get in on this run will receive priority for Series II (and it is my intention to produce another series for each of these models). 


Why not just "make more"?

Production quantities are based on the open pre-order for the Series III Seaforth, which is probably a fairly solid gauge of demand. Quantities are NOT based on the Series II batch that sold out in a few minutes. So, you may take all theories of artificial supply manipulation out back, leave them out in the sun and make a nice chewy snack for the kids.

A Series III Seaforth-type of open pre-order would have been another option. But because I am working with a couple of new manufacturing partners, the potential for delays is somewhat compounded. And sitting on money while the production process drags on is not a comfortable position for anyone. 


Where are the prices?

I will release this as soon as I am able to finalize a few details; namely: the final buckle adjustment mechanism and where they will be assembled (Hong Kong or Switzerland) for the Universa and Fairwind, and strap options for the Seaforth B. I am working to keep all of them in the $700 - $800 range. 


What are the final dial colours for each model?

Seaforth B: blue, grey, green (all sunburst). Working on a purple option for next series

Universa: blue and grey confirmed, unsure if pastel blue and silver will make it in time for this batch

Fairwind: blue and grey confirmed, unsure if silver will make it in time for this batch


Why did you make the lugs so long / the hands so small / etc / etc / etc?

I read a comment that some elements felt "off balance". I take this as a sign of success as I didn't aspire to create a conventionally proportioned, "harmonious" watch - there are already so many of them available, and most executed so beautifully. I suppose the short answer is: I like off-balance.


So, there is still work to be done but thank you for joining me on the journey, as well as for your patience and support. I'm looking forward to getting these on your wrists!




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