Update on the Seaforth Bronze draw

  • By Jason

The draw for purchase spots was conducted last week, with emails sent out to invitees the following day. Right off the bat, 10% of invitees withdrew their interest and requested that their spot be allocated to someone else. As it stands, 30% of the invitees have submitted their deposit.

A second round of emails was drawn yesterday to fill the vacated spots. This process will continue until all spots are filled and committed to with a deposit. Each round of draws will be conducted using the same random selection method, i.e. each registered email is assigned a number, which are then drawn by Excel's RAND function. 

To reiterate: if you've signed up for the list, your email is already entered in the running for every single round of draws. No need to worry if you didn't receive a welcome or confirmation email - less unnecessary email reduces your inbox noise and allows me to focus time on more critical tasks. 

Thanks for the interest!  

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