Time+Tide Review

  • By Jason

Time+Tide Review

Time+Tide is one of my favourite watch sites – I love the layout, the roster of watches they cover and the quality of the content that they create. They describe themselves as a “new voice” in the watch media space, but I also think they’re a uniquely Australian voice. I see it in the writing and the attitude they convey, and it is refreshing. 

Being a fan of their work, I was extremely excited when Felix offered to review the upcoming Seaforth. It didn’t even occur to me that it was summer there, so it was a bit of coincidence that it was the very summery Bahama Yellow dial that made its way to Melbourne.

Here’s a screencap of Felix and Andrew in their Bizarro world (summer beer time in January…that’s dark magic right there). You can see the Seaforth on his wrist:

You can find the link to the hands-on below. Hope you enjoy! 


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