March Update

  • By Jason

Wishing you and your families my best at this challenging time. 

It's still difficult to quantify how the current worldwide situation will affect the planned releases since things are rapidly changing. So, here's a situation report that aggregates all of the most common inquiries I receive (and that I may have missed or have yet to respond to):

Fairwind: all components completed, with the exception of the micro-adjust buckle. Assembly in Switzerland was planned for this model but that is currently up in the air given their compounding battle with the coronavirus. It is the model that is closest to being released, so a pre-order may be opened up soon (please sign up on the Fairwind page to receive notification when this happens).

Universa: all components completed with the exception of the micro-adjust buckle and the dials. The Arabic numeral appliques took some time to perfect but they are now in production. Assembly situation the same as the Fairwind's mentioned above; I'm reassessing the situation daily to the best of my ability.

Seaforth (bronze / stainless steel): I placed an order for Sellita movements in January, with the plan to release a run at the end of 2020. Sellita has now shut their operations down temporarily so this will most likely affect that initial timeline. Cases / dials / bezels are not finalized yet but my inkling is to produce either all stainless steel Seaforths or mostly SS and a very small number of bronzos. I'd like to make some changes to the dial and bezel designs, along with a number of quality improvements to hopefully bring some freshness to the line.

High-accuracy quartz: these magnificent movements are sadly sitting and waiting to be purposed. No production has begun on this model yet but it is priority #1 as soon as the Fairwind production wraps up. 

Other best-laid plans: there are a couple of other small-batch projects that I had planned for this year that will have to be deferred until who knows when. 

In the meantime, take care of yourselves and your loved ones! 


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