• By Jason

Production work is now underway for the three upcoming models. Pictures will be posted as soon as I receive the various sample components, which I estimate should be around the middle of April. 

When is the estimated release date?                                       

Late Q2 2019 is my best guess, but there are multiple moving parts (quite literally) to coordinate with the development of a new model

Will there be a pre-order?                                                 

There will be no long pre-order for this production batch as with the Seaforth Series III due to the potential for delays and late changes. 

How can I order a watch?                                                   

The first step is to visit the product page of the watch that you're interested in (on the left sidebar: WATCHES > {select the watch model}). You'll see a sign-up form near the bottom of the page. Submit your contact details, and you'll on the notification list. It would helpful if you wait until images of the watches are posted before signing up so you are certain of your intent to purchase. 

Each person on the notification list will be assigned a number, which will then be entered into a draw for a purchase spot. It is essentially a lottery system, and while the idea of requiring luck to purchase something is quite unappealing to me personally, I think the system is necessary in alleviating the stress of a frantic first-come-first-served buying experience (a la Seaforth Series II). 

Why not just make enough for everyone?                                   

This production batch is based on the quantities produced for the Seaforth III pre-order, which I am hopeful is a good gauge of the immediate demand for the three new models. If the quantities end up being an underestimation, there will be a subsequent series for at least the Fairwind and Universa. In general, bronze tends not to be wildly sought after so it is a wait-and-see situation for the Seaforth B.    

When / where can I see what the watches look like?               

The plan is to have at least a few assembled pieces ready in time for the Wind^Up show in San Francisco in late April:

There is a chance that I won't have complete watches ready in time for the show, but you'll at least be able to see the elements of the watches at the show. Photos will also be posted in the Journal section or on Instagram.

Are you making more steel Seaforths?                             

Instead of a hard "no", I'll say the earliest that I'll consider another steel Seaforth run will be 2021. The bronzo version is in the current production plan though. 

Will you make a steel bracelet for the Seaforth?                 

Sorry but it is a hard no on this one, which has been the position even before production began on the Seaforth.   


Thanks very much for your interest!


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